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Signature coaster

This handmade , sustainable coaster with different texture ,every single one is the only one you pick and made in HK

Gradient green vintage pottery cup

Handmade coarse pottery with gradient green colour cup

A pattern pottery bowl (small)

We have different pattern you can choose . The concerned as a consumer just there're too much you can choose of this bowl.

Blue and Sakura bowl (small)

White sakura means love and the peace , make you always stay in the spring . Handmade from Gifu prefecture

Blue and white fish bowl

A blue colour bowl with a white graffiti oracle's fish . Made in your favorite conuntry - Japan .

Craft hexagon glass

Hexagon is our brand's symbol like a life . You'll meet a lot of people using different angle for one thing , We mean - Cheers .

Craft hexagon water bottle

Be water , my friend . Whatever , this hexagon water bottle will feed you the water same as you drink at nomad last night .

Handcrafted espresso vintage pottery cup

A perfect espresso cup for people who drink espresso every day , taste the coffee and a cup texture at the same time . Are we make your day :)

Handcrafted iron teapot

As you know Iron is better material than pottery for tea , good thermal conductivity, high heat preservation . You might need that for your tea time .

Irregular coffee glass

Some people like straight ; some people like horizontal ; How about make it slash and just enjoy it .

Private Reserve 3Oz. Flask

For centuries, liquor manufacturers have written the phrase Private Reserve on their best quality bottles. It signifies a vintage of which the maker is particularly proud. Fill your flask with your own favorite drink and take some to go.

Signature card stand

This convenience stand can hold you card or hold your heart . Any other suggestion to us ?