Published: 2020

This site is operated by Konki Holdings Limited.

Return terms:

      The delivery item does not match the goods listed.

      The goods are defective with quality problems.



      After receiving the goods, please check whether the goods are in good condition and you must keep the documents such as sales memo and order emails for your records as a proof for the return. If you find any problems, you can return the goods within 7 days upon receipt of the goods, and any refund will not be accepted after the said deadline. After confirming that the goods status meets the requirements of the return policy, we will notify you of the return application as soon as possible via email.

      All goods must be returned in the form of their original selling conditions, for example, all packaging materials, including original packaging, documents and related gifts. If the goods have been modified or damaged, no refund will be given.


Return procedure:

Please clearly identify the problematic place of the item, together with the order number and the item number, email us at to apply for refund and specify the “Nomad eshop – refund” in the email to ensure a smooth return process. When we confirm that the return conditions are met, you will receive a reply confirmation email along with a set of return numbers before returning to us. After successfully returning the goods to us, we will arrange a refund in the system, and will generally refund your payment to your payment account within 4-6 weeks.