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Nomad is the most selective hospitality brand in HK, based on the freshly handmade concept , unique in the hospitality industry.


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Our Manifesto

We believe human born to be a passionate .

We believe in passionate soul ,who work close to us .

We believe celebrities should pay full price .

We believe future of hospitality lies in craftmanship

We believe that good things take time .

WE believe in hospitality , we don’t just provide food and beverage , Also the great life style in their experience .

We believe in the soulful power of hospitality : hand take orders , hand made food ,hand craft creations and handshake agreements .

We believe ‘Fair’ is the most important terms for everyone

We believe we are only young once , but we can be immature forever

And We believe life short . there fore , forget about all of this .

Delicious, well-
prepared Japanese food.

The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (the art of imperfection) is our main source in inspiration.

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Our New Offers

The pleasing of western cooking is celebrated with a menu inspired by the classic japanese and dishes are designed to be shared family-style.
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  • Lunch
  • Sake
  • Beer
  • Highball
  • Coffee

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The space is flooded with natural light providing energy and liveliness during the day. In the evening, the restaurant transforms to a more intimate setting, revealing its moody and sensual character.


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